How we use cookies

LOVÉN Design uses cookies for different type of products we offer on our webpage, i.e. umbrellas and wallets. Cookies are also used to to provide social media features, as well as analyzing website traffic.

What’s a cookie?

Cookies are small text files that is stored on your computer. The text file contains information that is used for ex. navigation and in order to improve the customer user-experience.

Google Analytics

We use Google Analytics for researching traffic and statistics on our webpage at LOVÉN Design. It enables us to more precisely understand our customers and how they interact with our webpage. This information is used to optimize and develop our website and the information on it.

Facebook pixels

LOVÉN Design uses Facebook pixels to promote LOVÉN Design via social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook. Facebook pixels lets us find customers on Instagram and Facebook who have shown interest in our products.

You can disable cookies

If you would like to disable your cookies you can delete them browser at any time, follow your particular browser instructions for further help. Additionally you can you can use the “incognito mode”, which automatically deletes any cookies or other cached information when you close your browser window.


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