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Shop durable accessories for women. We use recycled and environmentally friendly materials in LOVÉN products.
Selection of feminine design : umbrellas, scarves, wallets and handbags.

Our Umbrellas – LOVÉN Design

Feminine umbrellas with unique design, made from recycled materials. Find your own favorite umbrella from our shop! We design fashionable automatic umbrellas that fits beautifully in your handbag. All of our LOVÉN Design product lines use only recycled and environmentally friendly materials for production. A strong building quality provides you with a wind- and rainproof umbrella for everyday usage. LOVÉN Design umbrellas are on average larger in diameter – which my means it can comfortably protect two people at the same time under it.

  • Blue Umbrella “Charlotta” with reflective edge

  • Black Umbrella Reflective Edge “LOVÉN”

  • Children Umbrella Pink Lorelei

  • Terracotta Umbrella “Coral Charm” UV protection

  • Grey Umbrella “Florence Nicholls” UV protection

  • Pink Umbrella “Lorelei” UV protection

  • Black Umbrella “Scarlet Heaven” UV protection

  • Beige Umbrella “Boule De Neige” UV protection


High quality umbrellas

Our very first and signature products are high quality wind- and rainproof  umbrellas, made with recycled materials. We have paid a lot of attention to detail in creating a combination of beauty and quality, while doing our best to protect the environment.

Wind &- rainproof umbrellas

is made of double five-pane glass with a strong frame and a telescopic arm. We used the highest quality and most durable materials in the production of the umbrella. Pongee fabric is specially designed for umbrellas and is water and windproof.

Feminine design

Most of our umbrellas are designed with a modest peony pattern. Creating one great symbol of love peony for your new umbrella. We always prefer cheerful tones in the color range of LOVÉN products! In summer, one of the most popular umbrellas is the pink umbrella, but we also like the yellow umbrella and the white umbrella. Towards autumn, darker shades such as a gray umbrella or a terracotta umbrella are preferred. Terracotta shade is a very nice shade choice for the customer who likes colors but would like something darker than pink and beige shades. For details we used pink gold details. The rubber-coated handle is large enough to make the umbrella comfortable to use. The handle has the addition of an elastic cord that does not groove in your hand.

Umbrellas from recycled and environmentally friendly materials

In the midst of very changeable times, we have decided to contribute to reducing the human footprint by using environmentally friendly and recycled materials in our products. Our mission is to use already existing materials, and from these create new and wonderfully designed accessories for your wardrobe. Using high-quality material, feminine design and classic colors, we want to make recycled materials and sustainable design available to our loyal proponents of domestic Estonian design.

Sustainable design - We consume less and consume more wisely

Every year, more umbrellas are imported to Estonia than our population. Logically, will we buy me all 1.5 umbrellas a year? The truth is much easier. Over the years, we have become accustomed to the fact that the consumer goods we buy in a store either become cheaper over time or the price remains about the same in terms of inflation. Umbrella properties and materials dictate the quality of any reflected in the product price to the consumer. Buy one but high quality. This saves you money and the environment from excess rubbish!

What makes an umbrella strong?

It's hard to find pretty large windproof umbrellas. And as a rule you should prefer a longer umbrella. We collected the strongest and highest quality materials for our products to create a durable and long-lasting umbrella just for you.  Find your own favorite from our selection. You can read more about how to chose an umbrella from our blogpost "How to chooce an umbrella?".

Gifts for women

When ordering a product in our e-shop, you can also add your own wish to the product, which we add to the card. We wrap the gift in a gift box and send it to the gift recipient. This service is completely free for you!

Mother-daughter set

Initially, we only produced umbrellas for women. But after a while, we started to get feedback that young girls at home want the same umbrella. We listened to the wishes of the little princesses and also added a limited batch of children's pink umbrellas.

Purchasing umbrellas - availible both online and in-store

You can find our selection of umbrellas from the list of our retailers.

When ordering from the e-shop we will ship out your goods as soon as possible, but not later than within 3 working days.

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