Eco-friendly and timeless accessories for women

Shop durable accessories for women. We use recycled and environmentally friendly materials in LOVÉN products.
Selection of feminine design : umbrellas, scarves, wallets and handbags.

Handbags for every taste – Estonian design

We have designed comfortable handbags for our customers for everyday use. Large handbags with inside pockets are very practical companions thanks to which you can find your things quickly and the contents of the handbag are nicely organized.

  • Multipurpose Bag “Silver”

  • Multipurpose Bag Blue “Moon”

  • Multipurpose Bag Nude “Rose”

  • Black Handbag Poppy Papaver

  • Multipurpose Bag Black “Gardenia”

LOVEN brand makes sustainable accessories for women

Leather handbag

It is elegant and practical. We use only imitation leather in our products. We have set ourselves the goal of producing only products made of environmentally friendly materials and we are members of the Fur Free Retailes organization. We believe that today we no longer need animal skins to produce a quality product. By making informed choices in our product preferences, we work together to contribute to a sustainable lifestyle.

Fashionable handbags

which is at the same time timeless in style. We think about sustainability and create a design that is also fashionable tomorrow and the day after tomorrow. We think through all the details to bring you timeless design handbags. Our motto is Slow Fashion. In doing so, we are contributing to reducing consumption and want to create a greener and more sustainable living environment for our next generation.

Functional bags

The travel bag is designed with everyday editing in mind. You can use the bag for different purposes: shopping bag, baby bag, travel bag, everyday bag. Needs change over time but the bag is still the same!
We have a large faux leather bag and can hold a lot. The bag has a satin lining inside and a drawer with a separate zipper. This bag is preferred by many who like a very classic style and a solid look.


functional bag for superwoman loven

Baby bag

- Our travel bag has two open drawers at the back. You can use them to hold a feeding bottle, pacifier and toys. You can find everything in your bag instantly at a stressful moment. The diaper bag is made of washable recycled polyester and can easily fit under the trolley. Waterproof and durable bags made of high quality material for better organization of baby things. You don't have to worry about whether the bag loses its appearance over time or not. The travel bag can also be cleaned with a damp cloth, and thanks to that, your bag always looks new!

Travel bag with suitcase sleeve

We call our multifunctional everyday bag just a travel bag because we have added a suitcase attachment hole to the back of the bag. When traveling, you can use this bag as hand luggage for the flight. A bag that, due to its properties, fits into the hand luggage size category of all airlines. You want to put the bag under the chair or up in the closet. You never have to worry about whether your hand luggage still fits in the cupboards above the seats. If you travel to warm countries during the winter, you can also use the LOVÉN´ travel bag to put on your outdoor clothes. You put everything in an excess travel bag and attach the travel bag to your suitcase and you can move your hands freely. Especially convenient when traveling with small children.

Sustainable fashion

In the midst of very changeable times, we have decided to contribute to reducing people's footprint by using recycled materials in our products. Our mission is to use existing materials and create new and wonderfully designed accessories for your wardrobe. Using high-quality material, feminine design and always classic colors, we want to make recycled materials and sustainable design available to our loyal proponents of domestic Estonian design.

Sale of handbags, both online and in-store.

When ordering from the e-shop, we will send out your goods as soon as possible, but not later than within 3 working days.

Department store handbags

our design bags do not have a sales selection. If you want to get your new handbag faster, then the largest reseller of LOVÉN design is LEVI Disainipood in Tallinn Solaris Center and Tartu Kaubamaja.

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