Eco-friendly and timeless accessories for women

Shop durable accessories for women. We use recycled and environmentally friendly materials in LOVÉN products.
Selection of feminine design : umbrellas, scarves, wallets and handbags.

Sustainable and environmentally friendly design!

We have created comfortable and soft scarves that you can proudly wear even in the colder season. We chose the colors of the scarves so that you could combine the scarves with your clothes. We added colors to the flowers to bring joy to the dark tones of winter.

  • Khaki scarf 180×70 “Rosanna”

  • Grey scarf 180×70 “Silvia”

  • Black scarf 180×70 “Kate”

A scarf that doesn't bite!

You know this feeling when the rough wool quietly tickles your skin and then it feels like a thousand ants are all running around your body. Finally, you remove the scarf from your neck and sigh with relief. We don't need just such an adventure and we made a scarf that wouldn't bite. Unfortunately, customers looking for a sharp experience have to buy the scarf elsewhere :)

What shade do I recommend to choose?

Our black scarf "Kate" is definitely the surest choice for a black coat. We added a bright peony to the scarf and by adding more brightly colored earrings you can be sure that the tea will not go unnoticed.

The gray scarf may go very well with the blue, gray, pink coat. Cooler tones that compliment each other. This time we made a gray scarf peony blue. The combination of gray and blue gives freshness but does not look like a foreign body in winter clothes. Gray color scarf "Silvia".

The mild and warm khaki tone, ie creamy green, goes very well with the warmer tones. If your coat or jacket is beige, pink, brownish, green then this scarf is just a real marshmallow set. We put a khaki scarf on top of the peony, which is a pink-blue-white combo. It's a dark and dingy time, but why not go against it with a happy scarf! Khaki scarf "Rosanna".

Sustainable design

In the midst of very changeable times, we have decided to contribute to reducing people's footprint by using recycled materials in our products. Our mission is to use existing materials and create new and wonderfully designed accessories for your wardrobe. Using high-quality material, feminine design and always classic colors, we want to make recycled materials and sustainable design available in via feminine design.

Recycled plastic

Did you know that plastic can be used to make beautiful flying and silk scarves between your fingers? This was a turning point for us when we discovered that recycled materials are exactly the same quality as new materials.

Letś consume less and consume wisely

Although we are not so worried about this today, in fact, the consumption of disposable plastics is very damaging to our environment. If we do not change our consumption patterns, by 2050 there will be more plastic in the ocean than fish! We contribute to the reduction of plastic and by purchasing a recycled plastic scarf, please know that 4 plastic bottles have been used to produce this scarf. But even if we manage plastic, then it is not sustainable in the long run. We are doing this today, hoping to draw attention to the over-consumption of disposable plastics with our products and, in a way, to contribute to the reduction of plastic floating in the sea.

Gifts for women

We have pampered our customers with products packed in gift boxes. Although it is much more beautiful to give products in a gift box, we found that by choosing a more sustainable way, we will minimize the consumption of packaging. Recycled scarves have a cardboard hanging label made from recycled material. We did not produce separate boxes for this product. We hope for the understanding of our customers!

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