Black Umbrella Reflective Edge “Katarina”

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Beautiful and durable new-age umbrella in black – made from recycled materials! Now with a reflector!

We have combined the best qualities from our previous umbrellas while making the production as sustainable as possible using recycled materials. A beautiful and stylish black umbrella with a lovely flower-print. Durable and resistant to both wind & rain. The umbrella is centered around a strong frame made from double-layered fiberglass, and uses quality fabric with long-lasting print. The reflective edge makes sure that you’re visible even in the darkest of nights!

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Strong and stunning reflective umbrella – “Katarina”

Umbrella details:

  • A unique floral print
  • Fully automated handle
  • Three-way folding
  • Reflective edge
  • Windproof (tested for 10 meter/s during 30 sec),
    sturdy build with a two-section fiberglass steel frame
  • Waterproof and durable pongee fabric
  • Resists shrinking and stretching
  • Mildew and mold resistant
  • Comfortable rubber coated handle
  • Holds color, non-fading
  • Elastic wrist strap for comfortable hold
  • Comfortable wide-open bag for umbrella

Durable and beautiful umbrella “Katarina” description

Our “Katarina” reflective umbrella with beautiful and durable design. Every umbrella now comes with a reflective strip! Purely made from only recycled and environmentally friendly materials. Furthermore it uses technology to prevent molding and to provide high print quality for lasting protection. The is frame made from strong double-layered fiberglass, and our umbrellas are large enough to fit two persons underneath it. It also comes with an automated open-close function for maximum comfort with the press of a button.

Naturally our umbrellas are all wind- and rainproof with stylish design. To make usage more comfortable the umbrella has an elastic band attached to it for carrying. Another feature is the provided protective bag for our durable and beautiful umbrellas, which have an adjustable opening for ease of usage. This particular beautiful umbrella model comes in black with a large a colorful flower-print on the top, as well as our signature LOVÉN Design tag.

Product quality assured by BSCI, LOREAL, ISO certifications.

Umbrella Measurements:

  • Umbrella diameter 110 cm
  • Closed height 30cm
  • Weight 400g

Using our beautiful umbrellas properly:

Note that you should always open and close umbrella from the push-button. A wet umbrella should dry off in the closed mode.
Important! In case your automated umbrella does not open, then proceed close the umbrella fully, shake and open again! In case of strong winds always face the umbrella towards the wind to avoid damage.

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  1. Mirja

    After using a cheap umbrella, the difference is immediately noticeable. The umbrella is heavier and has a strong construction. I really like the beautiful colorful and feminine flower design. Plus points for a reflective strip on the edge of the umbrella.

  2. Galina

    Elegant and beautiful umbrella. Provides a pleasant shade even in high winds, the strong construction does not allow the wind to turn the umbrella upside down. Recommend.

  3. Kadi

    The umbrella is very high quality, beautiful and comfortable to use. A special bonus is the delicate reflective strip on the edge of the umbrella. Perfect as a gift.

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